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Pooh Bear #1

Nice one! Thanks for pulling me out :) I didn't think I was bothered by the jelly fish, but I keep having dreams about them each night... weird!


Excellent Mandy! I love how you describe the demons of your childhood - especially the worry dolls!

Oh my gawd

Coulda been worse. These guys could've been hanging out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6cRn7UI_x4



I don't even want to look.


Love the blog Mandy. I used to pore over this series of books called something like how to survive disasters like an alligator attack, etc so I can relate to this post.

It is also funny how one perceives things differently. I have met you only a handful of times but I have such a different picture of you. I was almost intimidated by you because I thought you were so confident, funny, pretty and smart. :) I still think all those things of you!


Hey Mandy I love it! Wow. You really have me thinking of all the things that stop me from fully living my life. Fear sucks! You so rock and I am going to try to follow your example.
Love you.

Christopher Lembke

First off, I think the little guys probably was saying "lo siento chiquita, pero no hablamos ingles", but then took English classes for you, so all your worries will have been dealt with. I too was stalked by a ghost (or so I believe anyway), but it would only hang out in the corner of the middle of the stairway in our house. I stopped having that feeling in 2004 after my grandmother passed away, she basically scared the bugger away, cheers granny! Morale of the story; stalked by a ghost, get yourself a strong arm on the other side. I believe that if you spend your days thinking happy positive things about yourself and those around you, it will be so. It is as when you smile before a phone call, your voice will come across as much friendlier. It's all about the 'tude, man! I hope you will get to hang with my gals while they're in NJ. Love you always! The Stophenator

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