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I feel the same way & then I get overwhelmed with the impossibility of getting all of these messes under control & I can't even think about it at all. I read somewhere that the sinkhole was caused by some underground mine or something, so it was due to human error. I agree, I think sending good vibes & prayers are the way to go if you can't personally contribute to the repair. It's a good thing to remember. thanks Hon xoxo


Not sure why hippiness gets such a bad reputation (aside from petuchuli stink.) We can all affect our little world bubbles and hope the positivity and love spread through the people we love as they interact with their world bubble.

Good for you for overcoming fear, that is hard to do.
Love and positive thoughts to you.


So eloquent (not sure about the spelling. I am with you. If everyone took care of their little piece of the planet what a wonderful world it would be.


Work as if everything depended on you; pray as if everything depended on God. We need people to care about what they are doing, be it work, or daily living(no text
while driving), not letting some things slide and it is OK as long as we are not found out. We are angry at BP but we must remember they are for the most part good people,trying their best. We have to find out what went wrong and preventing this ever happening again. Boycotting local stations affects our neighbors and friends who run them ( remember Mr. Freida). Many 401 K 's are weighted in BP. it is easier to blame, and after the fact it may be deserved, but now let us look for solutions .
Love your Blog,it makes me laugh, but more important think( wish this read as well as what you write!!!)


Amen to that. It is very easy to get absorbed in the negativity and lose sight of the positive. I had a mini meltdown reading about Toxic America and all of the toxins that are showing up in the babies being born. They should be born with a clean slate body but instead their bodies contain residual toxins from the mother's environment. You've got to take the positive action steps, try to correct what you can control and then send out positive energy.


I think you are totally on the right track, visualization and prayer is key. On a massive scale it can do more than we can even imagine. Funny how the more we learn, quantum physics and prayer/philosophy are lining up. Great post.

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