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Our lives unfold so interestingly don't they? None of us knows when we'll find that person that we love and like equally that will bring us simple joy. None of us knows when and if we'll have kids or buy a home, etc. For some who follow a certain path it comes at certain times and ages, for others it is more unpredictable.
Your path has brought you to this point, and now here you are. You are living honestly and with your eyes open. When you can look at yourself and your life and really know what you want you can make it happen. You are making things happen.
Even the best of us have moments of jealousy and moments of living in the depths of despair, those moments don't define us unless we let them and that is not a trap that will snare you!
I think you hit on something in a previous post and also here, patience. You need patience in life with others but also with yourself. Patience and open eyes and a little bit of that Irish luck!
Happiness is now. We can all dream and look forward to things, but if you can look at this moment and feel the joy in it, you are blessed. I am rambling...
Bottom line, "whores can be moms too" is going to be my new tagline!


Ha! I seriously don't remember having that conversation, or even going to a Yankee game??!! That is so worrying how bad my memory is...what nutrients am I lacking?
Anyway, EVERYONE feels those feelings; self pity, jealousy & regret. Even when you are quite happy with your life. It's human nature.
Good on you for calling them out & taking on the fight against them. I am going to do that to. xoxo


Missy told me once she imagined my future married to someone fabulously rich, living on the Riviera and childless aka Samantha Jones. I now live in the burbs, work 24/7 on a business and have 3 kids. Despite being happy, I sometimes fantasize about the posh parties going on in St. Tropez that I am missing and the hot pool boy that is not managing my pool.

"Even Whores Can Be Moms" should be a title of a book:)


To keep my thoughts positive I try to pick a character from a movie or book that I like and respect and in those times of doubt or anger, think about what they would say or do. Mostly I just smile a lot to unnerve people who look for my negative reaction.


Love the idea of emulating a character from a move, I actually used to try and do that when I was younger, good advice, need to get back to that. THe smiling to unnerve is great too, unfortunately I wear all my emotions on my face, need to work on the poker face!

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